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ABBA Relay

This is a hard session that I heard of at the session with Stephen Pearson.

Using a track or a made up loop, divide the runners into evenly matched pairs.  Runner A starts and runs a lap steadily, on completing the lap runner B joins in and they race a lap.  Read more

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Tuesday Running Club – 22/6/11

A gentle 20″ run followed by drills on Arms, High Knees and Bum Squeeze.

Main session was an ABBA relay.  Each person did 2 sets of 3 double 200m laps, one steady one racing.  This was a hard session with many of them on the floor at the end, which is very unusual. Read more

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Double Line Pursuit

This is a possible session for fell running or orienteering:

“Here is a fun pursuit workout that you can do on the track. Divide your runners into two groups of equal numbers on opposite sides of the track. The athletes should then run at easy endurance pace in a single file line. Read more

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Adding Results using OCad, Autodownload and Routegadget

Did my first complete results package using Autodownload and Routegadget.

I had some fun, so this is an aide memoire for what I did.

Read more

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Tuesday Running Club 7/6/11

Nice simple evening.  Short run to begin warm-up, then played fetch with a frisbee.  High knees, bum-squeeze and carioca to follow.

Main session was an undulating baffler.  3 sets of 3 ~400m loops.  The baffler is done in pairs.  Both runners start together, but go opposite directions, when they meet they tag and run back.  Read more

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