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Marathon des Sables – starting your training

You’ve entered the 2014 MdS and you need to start training.  How do you begin?
First think – how do I want to do?

  1. Just get round
  2. Get round but feel good
  3. Get round and do well
  4. Win

Then think – what do I know about how it feels to run day after day? Read more

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Core training video

There is a good core training video from pponline here. Read more

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Thierry on using his compass

This is worth a read for everyone that orienteers.  Thierry talks about how and why to use a compass.

  Read more

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Broughton Runners Summer sessions

We had a rethink at Broughton Runners and decided that we would try out using the same set of three sessions over the summer, repeating the sessions twice over six weeks, following these with our hilly time trial.  Our aims were to simplify our planning; to focus on three key aspects of training and to ensure that the runners get a hard session each time they come. Read more

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