A simple orienteering analysis method

There was an article by Toni Louhisola in a recent issue of British Orienteering Focus magazine where he suggested using a simple form of race analysis.  His idea was to analyse each leg based on two factors

  • Plan – how good was it
  • Execution – how well did you execute the plan

Each leg is given a rating from 1-5 on each of these (5 is Very Good).

I tried this with Adam, one of my juniors, and it works very well.  At the end of each race he simply draws columns next to the control descriptions and fills in the figures.

After one session of discussing these with him we added a third column, which is Attitude.  This is looking at his mental attitude during each leg with an emphasis on focus and control of emotion (perhaps after a mistake or being caught or catching someone).

This simple analysis is working extremely well and gets him to focus on his planning during the race as well as during the analysis.

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