Adding Results using OCad, Autodownload and Routegadget

Did my first complete results package using Autodownload and Routegadget.

I had some fun, so this is an aide memoire for what I did.


  • Created a Routegadget version with no extra text, descriptions, map exchange, etc
  • Used Course|Export|Course (XML) to create the XML file for both Autodownload and Routegadget
  • Used File|Export to create a jpg of the base map


  • Added new event
  • Selected event
  • Courses|Import/Export XML Courses, using the file from OCad
  • Connected Download, using an USB 2.0 to RS232 Adapter (VE229) from
  • It took a little while to communicate with the Download, but this eventually worked, using the higher of the 2 COM ports
  • Tried using Download|Automatic, Manual on Error, but there were 395 extra results from previous events stored and I would have had to manually Skip all of these
  • Used Download|Automatic, Non-Stop, this worked, but put all the invalid results into the Orange category
  • Couldn’t find a way to get rid of these within AD so, after getting all the hire cards sorted out, used Results|Import/Export Results to XML to get an XML file of results
  • Opened this file with Microsoft Expression Web and removed incorrect records
  • Created new event and imported the file
  • Tried to create splits results, but there was now data
  • Imported course data to the new event and splits appeared

Update 8/9/11

I asked SportIdent what to do in this case.  They said to use SiConfig to download the unit, then save these as a .csv file, open this with and remove the rows which are not relevant.  Save this file which can then be uploaded into Autodownload using the SiConfig download option.  This was a little fiddly so here are some more clues, the unit is connected via a USB-Serial adapter:

  • Select “direct” instead of “remote” and make sure the serial port settings are correct (COM12, 4800, n, 8, 1 for this setup)
  • Choose the “Read out backup memory” button, this will upload all the raw data
  • Click on the “ASCII Interface” button, this brings up a list of all the SI Cards
  • Click the “Save” button and choose the csv settings and change the folder to somewhere sensible, changing the .TXT to .csv helps as well
  • Locate this file and open with Excel
  • Find the correct first row for your event and delete all the data rows above
  • Save this file
  • In Autodownload, use the SiConfig download to import the data

  • Used Results|HTML results with One Page for All Results to get simple results page
  • Renamed the Index.html file to event_simple.html
  • Used Results|HTML results with One Page for All Splits, no results without splits to get splits page
  • Renamed the Index.html file to event_splits.html
  • Used Results|Export for RouteGadget to export splits for use with RouteGadget

LOC Website

  • Uploaded results etc to LOC website
  • Couldn’t find Results page when checking on main site
  • Error was that I hadn’t selected the Result 2011 category, did this as Administrator


  • Logged on to RouteGadget
  • Chose Add and New Event
  • Select Load New Map
  • Select IOF-XML for Results and Split Times
  • Select IOF-XML…no forking for Course Settings
  • Click OK then use jpg, Autodownload Routegadet.xml file and Event.Course.xml file from OCad
  • When RouteGadget appears, choose All Control from List of Courses
  • Click Fit button on bottom Right hand side
  • Click middle of Top Right Control (may have to zoom out)
  • Click correct position on map
  • Click middle of Bottom Left Control
  • Click Correct Position on map
  • If the controls are now in the correct place then click Save button, otherwise repeat
  • Routegadget should now be working!
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