British School Training 19/11/2011

This was the day before British Schools.  Something like 50 kids turned up to train in the woods and fields at Cartmel.  With 8 or so coaches and a couple of helpers, we were well staffed.  The weather was also great.

Richard Tiley had planned 3 Yellow, 3 Orange and 2 Light Green courses.  All were short, so it was possible for each runner to do a couple of loops without getting too tired.  I was able to shadow two Yellow runners from Year 7, Katrina and Fiona.  I was very impressed by their ability to run up the hill from their start.  They needed very little input from me throughout their runs.  Mostly they were looking for reassurance, but when I asked them to say what they thought, they were invariably right. 

Thumbing and folding the map was the main thing I talked about, to them and a few others.  This seems to be a basic technique that some find hard to get to grips with.

An excellent day, that couldn’t have gone much better.

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