British Schools Orienteering Championships 20/11/2011

I don’t like early starts, but I suppose this was better than a night on a floor somewhere.  We met up at UVHS at just before 6.30am.  Miss was very relieved when the coaches finally arrived a few minutes later (late!).  Most of the 67 runners and 12 adults got on there, the rest got picked up on the way.  The journey was pretty easy, with a new feature – we were allowed to stop to go to the toilet!  Well done RichT.

The event was in Beecraigs Country Park near Linlithgow.  The area was a mix of forest and some open land.  Courses were not very difficult for the supposed level, but some of the kids still managed to make spectacular mistakes!

However, the results overall were excellent.  There were four LOC individual Gold Medals from Hannah Cleary-Hughes, Girls Year 9; Natalie Beadle, Girls Year 10; Andrew Brockbank, Boys 9 and Will Rigg, Boys 11. Megan Beard, Girls 13 and Angus Dobson Boys 11 won individual Bronze Medals.
UVHS brought home 5 Year Team Trophies with Collette McKenny, Beth Thomason and Grace Thompson in Year 12; Megan Beard, Amelia Elliot and Kathryn Brown in Year 13; Harry Scott, Stewart Allison and Sam Yates in Year 7; Adam Batlett, James Allison and Ben Nicholl in Year 10 and Will Rigg, Angus Dobson and Patrick Rigg in Year 11.  Seven other UVHS Year Teams won Silver or Bronze Medals.
Finally, in a very tense tussle, UVHS came second in the Large Secondary SchoolsTrophy, just missing out to Banchory Academy by 4 points.

The trip back was again made easier by a toilet stop, and we got back around 7.00pm.  A good day.

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