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Multi-jumps / plyometrics

Just watching the UCoach module on Multi-jumps / plyometrics available here.

I like the look of the Hop and Stick diagonal exercise for use with fellrunners and orienteers.  Lateral landings are a normal part of that style of running and this looks like a good exercise to reinforce the legs for these. Read more

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Scottish CPD Aviemore

I had another fun session up in Aviemore, Scotland at the invite of the Scottish Orienteering Association.  I covered a number of aspects of fitness for orienteering:

  • Developing a model for the range of areas of fitness required for orienteering
  • How to coach the High Knee Drill, from standing, walking, to extending into running
  • Up hill technique
  • Down hill technique
  • A strength and conditioning circuit that doesn’t need a gym

Generally people were pretty tired at the end of the session. Read more

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Scottish 6 Days – reviewing my style

After 6 days of tough orienteering at the Scottish 6 Days it is time to review my orienteering style and decide what I need to work on.

I’m going to use my maps and Splitsbrowser as my main tools.  I spent some of each evening reviewing my day with Rob Lee, who came 3rd in my class (M50L), so I have already thought about route choices etc. Read more

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IOF Control Descriptions

There is a nice A4 version of the IOF Control Description available here.

This is on the website run by Simon Errington. Read more

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Seiko DPU-3445 Printer and SportIdent

LOC have a couple of these Seiko DPU-3445 printers. They usually work pretty well, but typically, one of them stopped working just at the wrong time.

The printer would feed and print out the printer settings sheet (with the printer off, hold down both keys and release the power one first). Read more

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Core training video

There is a good core training video from pponline here. Read more

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Thierry on using his compass

This is worth a read for everyone that orienteers.  Thierry talks about how and why to use a compass.

  Read more

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Orienteering in the National Curriculum

We were just doing some work on planning sessions for Primary Schools and were looking for how Orienteering fitted into the National Curriculum.  The following section is from the page for PE.

Outdoor and adventurous activities

11. Pupils should be taught to:


Read more
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Extract a map from Routegadget

If you would like to get copy of the blank map from a RouteGadget page, follow these instructions.

Remember that having a copy of the map does NOT give you permission to run in that area. Read more

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Midlands Orienteering Championships 2013

I’ve just spent some time looking at the map, old courses and Google maps for the upcoming Midlands Orienteering Championships with one of my athletes.  These are being held on Sunday 3rd February 2013 at Sherwood Forest.

Event details can be found here. Read more

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