Hurdle Drills

Key coaching points:

  • Excellent shape – tall and braced
  • Stable, level pelvis
  • Dorsiflexed ankle
  • Midfoot strike

Hurdle size and placement should be appropriate to athlete size and mobility.

Coach from head on and side on from 3m away, perhaps from behind.

  • Basic walkover
  • Lateral walkover
  • Over and under
  • Basic walkover with skip
  • Lateral skips
  • Lateral scissors
  • Loaded basic walkover
  • Loaded walkover with skip
  • Advanced walkover
  • Advanced rotation backwards
  • Rattler basic walkover
  • Rattler lateral with skip

Interesting drills, but as I never have access to high hurdles I can’t use them.  I might try using them with lower plastic hurdles.

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