JK 2012 Relay (Newtyle Hill) – Review

I like running first legs in relays, but today wasn’t my day.  I had almost nothing in my legs for the first climb and arrived at the first control almost last and only just avoided being lapped by the first Trophy team.

My routegadget trace is here (Course 1-8 Richard Lecky-Thompson).

I had no problems with most of the course, as I was running so poorly!  Unfortunately, one of the few places where I was running well was as I ran past control 5 on the big track, only to have to double back when I checked the code for the next control and realised.  I think there should have been a mandatory crossing line on the control descriptions, but that wouldn’t necessarily have helped!

Newtyle was a pretty good area for the relay, except for the first leg.  It was great to be able to see so many controls from assembly.

What did I learn?

  • I need to get fitter to be able to run for so many days
  • If I want to run well in the relay, perhaps I should not do Day 3
  • I can navigate quite well when I am not running too fast
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