LOC Primary Development coaching

British Orienteering awarded us a significant grant from the Development Fund to spend time going into local Primary Schools in order to raise awareness of the LOC NavNight sessions.  Working with Selwyn Wright, we are well into the first block of schools, having completed one school yesterday.

We are giving three sessions to selected Year 5 and 6 classes based on exercises from NavNight.

  1. Map jigsaw relays and map orientation through a cones maze
  2. Introduction to O-map symbols using relays and relays through a different cones maze
  3. Races through a third cones maze using SportIdent with live results

So far this seems to be a good combination to get kids enthused and interested.  Several of the children have expressed an interest in coming, with one new starter coming so far.  The biggest block to them coming to NavNight is that they have to be accompanied by an adult, and the ones that might come are usually already doing something most nights.

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