LOC Saturday Coaching 26/3/2011

Today’s session was on relocation, a topic that most orienteers have to worry about at some time.

We had 10 senior orienteers with a wide range of experience and age.  Coaching Derek Allison and Carol McNeill is always an interesting experience.

We started with a chat about when and why people needed to relocate.  These ranged from lack of concentration over long (and short) distances, to lack of planning, to rushing, to losing contact in complex ground.  The feedback later on was that this was time well spent.

The group was split into pairs and ask to put out 2 controls each.  This proved more difficult for some and is an excellent training exercise in itself.

The main session was for pairs to do a leg at a time, where one has the map and tries to get the other lost before handing over the map and letting them relocate.  A guide on how to relocate was given before they set out.  The gist being Don’t panic and Stop, before trying to identify obvious features nearby, then trying to match these to a properly orientated map.  DA added that trying to keep an eye on what you are passing as you run helps with this, and also that you should confirm that you are where you think your are, by trying to find a nearby feature.  When you know where you are, plan a new route to the control.

Everyone managed at least 6 legs together.  The discussions between the pairs was said to be very beneficial (especially when you have CMcN or DA as your partner!)

The final job was for the athletes to collect in the controls after a brief wrap up of what we had covered.

2 hours well spent was the feedback.

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