Long Term Athlete Development – the Canadian Model

It appears that Canadian Sport has taken a long hard look at Long term Athlete Development and bought into the concept completely.  Lynne Walker sent me a number of links to do with this area.

The first is the link to the overall website, here.  The site itself is pretty hard to navigate, but, if you look, you can find a wealth of really interesting information.

The second link, here, was to the Orienteering Canada take on LTAD.  This is an exceptionally well thought out document.  There are a couple of items I particularly like.  One is one Page 18 (10 in the pdf) where they have a little diagram showing the Canadian Sport for Life model for all the stages of LTAD.  The other item appears throughout their sections, from Page 24 (pdf Page 13) onwards, where the Goals include not just Technical/Tactical (orienteering) goals, but Physical, Mental, Life Skills and a Periodisation and competition profile.  This is an area that I think we, in the UK, miss out in our planning for introducing and coaching orienteering.

Third link was to a paper on LTAD, here.  This is a good overview of LTAD, and adds a To-Do list for each of the LTAD Phases that are very useful.

Finally, I looked for the Athletics Canada document on LTAD, which is here.  This is not such an impressive document as the Orienteering one. It seems to simply regurgitate the overall Canadian LTAD information, without really giving any more detail as it might apply to Athletics.

Overall, the website and, more specifically, the information contained within it is well worth a read.

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