NavNight 1/2/2012

This week we spent the whole time mapping, planning and running a course.

Using a simple 5×6 grid, laid out with large cones, containing a number of intersecting lines, made up of small cones, they were asked to draw the map to scale.  To help with this, I provided paper with a faint grid.

When they had drawn the maps, which they all did really well.  They were asked to plan a course, using the SI Units I had placed round the area.  We talked about the problems that a planner could set in such an area.  All of them “got” this, and some of the courses were very devious.

After the courses had been planned, they were typed into Autodownload, by some of the kids.

The final session involved people running their and other’s courses.

This session worked really well.  The mapping to scale was excellent.  Their planning was really good.  At least two of the kids now have a good working knowledge of Autodownload.  This sort of session would work really well as an introduction to running an event and would give potential organisers of small events a lot of confidence in using the technology.

Next week we will run the other courses, before moving on to something else.

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