NavNight 16/11/11

I was interviewed on Radio Cumbria on the Thursday after the previous session.  I hoped that this would bring a few more people, despite the fact that Radio Cumbria didn’t post any information on their website about the session.  (Something I remedied a couple of days later when I realised how to do this.)

It worked with two new families and one elderly lady.

We started with a recap of the map jigsaws, before moving on to look at the symbols used on different maps.  We talked about these, before doing a relay where teams had to identify different symbols on different types of maps.  We used 1:25000 OS and Harvey Superwalker and two orienteering maps.

Finally, we did some navigation work using a cross made of cones on the floor.  There were ten different “line courses”  getting harder as they progressed.  The key coaching point here was to orientate the map as they went around the loops.  Some of the kids and all of the adults got this very quickly.  Others needed some practice, but got there in the end.

The symbol matching exercise would have been improved by putting big titles on all of the maps, as they were getting confused as to which map was which.

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