NavNight 18/4/2012

I put on two Yellow courses in the same area as the LOC Technical Event, Stockbird Head.  They were 1.1Km and 2.0Km, the longer simply an extension of the shorter.

Each runner was given a map and told to go away and think themselves around the course, planning exactly what route they would take.  They then came back to me to discuss their choices before starting.  I waited until about 6.20pm before going for my run.  By that time no-one had really come back from their runs.

Luckily, it seems that they all had good experiences, except for the first control, as we had to use the same start as the Tech course, and this wasn’t on a line feature.  I perhaps should have taped the first control.

We met in the White Hart pub in Bouth afterwards for a drink and a chat.

Results are published here.

The format seemed to work for most people.  Just need to get the first control right on the next area.

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