NavNight 24/11/11

Down a few this week, but I have emailed them to remind them about the sessions and to get some feedback.

We started by revisiting the cross/line exercise and the symbol matching.  Some revision was needed for one or two of the kids on orientating the map.

Next, we moved on to looking for and talking about line features – the easiest features to use for navigating.  We identified these on different maps (the same as last week).  Then we did an exercise going from one end of the room to the other using a more complicated cones/line map, and identifying the line features joining two points at the other.  The line features got progressively harder, using multiple features on some of the legs.  This worked well and was fun.

Finally, I gave them some much more complicated cones/lines maps and they did two each in a relay.

A good session.  Better labelling of the maps made the identifying section easier.

Next week we are moving on to Grid References and using line features to find your way somewhere.

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