NavNight 28/3/2012

We repeated the session where I laid out a set of cones and other objects in a grid and had them map the area.  There were also SI Units in the area.  Once they had mapped the area, they planned courses.  They entered the courses into Autodownload and then ran each other’s courses.  As ever, we displayed the results live on a big screen.

This is a great exercise.  It gets everyone involved in understanding the whole process of an event, from mapping, to running, to results.  I think everyone had a good time.  Certainly some people were tired the following day.

After we finished with this, Adam set up two rows of chairs and had SI units alternating odd and even along the chairs.  The race was to see how fast you could punch.  This would have worked much better if the two controls we used for the finish were synchronised.  But is was fun trying to beat him!

NavNight is now going on tour for the Summer.  We will make use of all the evening orienteering sessions to get people out and about – which is what people were asking for.

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