NavNight 7/3/2012

This week I tried a new way of introducing compass work, and specifically bearings.

I made up a number of map cards, each showing a Start, control, connecting line and North lines.  They were designed to have bearings that were spaced 30 degrees apart around the compass. In the room I set up a circle of 12 cones, separated by 30 degree intervals and aligned to North, with a central cone.  To give more space I also put in a second circle that overlapped slightly (using different styles of cones).  There were identifying letter at each cone (in this case the letters were A to M clockwise around the circle).  I put a small pile of maps at each cone.  I also had a list of which letter each numbered map should point to.  Adam and I both had a list of the answers, to confirm they had got the bearing correct.

After another introduction, where everyone checked they could take a couple of accurate bearings, I paired people off and we had a little relay race.  A pair had a starting map and the race was to find the first team to have completed 4 maps.  Each person picked up a new map when they reached the correct cone.

This all worked rather well, with the majority coming to terms with taking bearings.  One or two had more problems, specifically with holding the compass out in front of them and turning their whole body to point in the correct direction.  I did a written “crib sheet” for one of them, which was almost identical to the Silva 1-2-3 system.  This seemed to help.

There are pdfs of the resources here and here.

After a late break we had a simple map jigsaw relay, which everyone seemed to enjoy.

Overall, a much better session.  I ordered some compasses, so that I don’t have to scrounge from others.

I did some accounts today, and, discounting everything except for hall booking fees, we are in profit by £7 since last November.

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