NavNight 7/12/11

Last NavNight this year as the venue is booked for next week.

Started by revisiting the Grid References work.  First by using the cones grid, then by getting people to find their houses on the OS maps of the area.  They had been asked to look up their houses and find their Grid References as home work.  Having found their homes they had to find the starts for the LOC Turkey races on over Christmas and work out routes from their houses to the events.

Next we used the Luc Cloostermans Exercise 1.  This worked brilliantly, especially as they used dibbers and SI Units.  I had been planning to show live results as they were going on, but had forgotten that I needed to set up the Download unit in a different way from usual.

This didn’t really matter, and I managed to get out some results for the exercises, which are here.

We finished up with a chat about the Turkey races and a look at the Yellow courses that had been planned for Birkrigg and Cunswick Scar.  Several people said they would probably attend.

A good session.  The Clostermans exercise worked well, and would be good with live results projected, to add some fun.  This would also allow me to spot when people were getting things wrong.

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