Saturday Morning Coaching #2 – 8/10/2011

We met at Sea Wood for the second session.  This was to concentrate on control flow and decision making.  Courses were planned with multiple route choices, using the intricate path network.

Warm up was putting out controls. 

We then talked about the skills of control flow: plan early; look for the easiest way to find the next control; plan from the control circle back; plan to know where you are going – not where you are.

To make things a little more interesting I had six loops in three pairs.  Each pair had the same first leg.  The runners were split into pairs and told to race the first leg, simply to allow some first leg running practice.  This worked well, and there were a number of errors on the first legs.

People cut more corners than I expected, Seawood is notoriously brambly, and I discouraged this on the second and third loops, to make the most of the path route choices.

I also encouraged debriefing of each other, especially as some of the runners were coaches.  This worked well.

Warm down was control collecting and the debrief concentrated on using control flow on the next event.

A pretty good session on a foul day.  Could have been improved by insisting on now corner cutting from the start.

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