Seiko DPU-3445 Printer and SportIdent

LOC have a couple of these Seiko DPU-3445 printers. They usually work pretty well, but typically, one of them stopped working just at the wrong time.

The printer would feed and print out the printer settings sheet (with the printer off, hold down both keys and release the power one first). It just wouldn’t print out results.

The settings sheet showed Data Input as IrDA and the Data Input mode as Auto Select.

These needed changing to:

DIP Switch 1

Data Input: Serial

Baud rate: 4800bps

Bit length: 8 bit

Parity: None

Stop Bit: 1 bit

Data Control: Busy

DIP Switch 2

Data Input Mode  :  Serial

The way to do this is a little complex, but the manual is available here.

DIP Switch 1 should show 11001010

DIP Switch 2 should show 11111101

No need to change DIP Switch 3.

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