Specific Preparatory Exercises, suspended and resistance band

The following are a good set of exercises.

Body weight suspension exercises

Shoulder, trunk and pelvic stability for endurance.


  • Suspended chest press (like press up but at an angle and going further)
  • Suspended pull (like inverted press up but at an angle and finishing further up)
  • Single arm pull (as above but with one arm, other hand by the head)
  • Squat (squatting holding straps at an angle) Is this easier than a standard squat?
  • Single leg squat (as above but with one leg, hold on with both hands)
  • Suspended hamstring curl (a bit like a bridge using a swiss ball, perhaps easier to control)
  • Suspended single leg hamstring curl (as above one leg)
  • Overhead squat (hardly stressing the straps)
  • Bulgarian squat (back foot in cradle, sort of lunge position but on one leg)
  • High external rotation movement
  • Y, T, W sequence (very slight forwards and back movements whilst in three positions)

Resistance band exercises

  • Squat (band under feet and around lower neck)
  • Overhead squat (band under feet then stretched wide over head)
  • Overhead split squat (band stretched over head with arms wide behind head) I don’t like the knee being forward, beyond the ankle.
  • Overhead walking lunge (band stretched over head with arms wide behind head) Extreme lunge forwards.  I don’t like the knee position forward of ankle. Do like the exaggerated “high knee” whilst going into the lunge.
  • Walking lunge with rotation (partner holds the band whilst athlete lunges then rotates away from partner, right foot step, right arm rotation)
  • Romanian or stiff leg deadlift  (band under feet held at sides in hands) hamstring and glutes lengthen eccentrically in first phase
  • Single leg Romanian deadlift (band under foot, free leg goes to rear)
  • Good morning (band as for squat, hands hold band at hip hieght) bends forwards, legs stiff and back straight
  • Single leg good morning (band as above)
  • Single arm horizontal push (anchor band and push forward)
  • Single arm horizontal push with half lunge (band as above)
  • Single arm horizontal pull (anchor band and pull at waist height)
  • Single arm horizontal pull with half lunge (anchor band and pull at waist height)
  • Trunk rotation exercises (square stance, anchor band to side and rotate away, like russian twist shape)
  • Trunk rotation exercises with half lunge (as above)


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