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Cloosterman’s ZigZag 3 for Autodownload

I wanted to use SI units and Autodownload with the Cloostermans ZigZag 3 exercises.  Our SI Boxes were numbered 201 upwards.

So, I’ve created a new Master Map, with the SI numbers instead of those on the original.  You can download this here. Read more

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UVHS Training 11/1/2012

First day of our new regime of 4 exercises and 3 groups where each group does 2 exercises per week.  So gets through all 4 in two weeks.

I’m using the Luc Cloostermans Go4O exercises for my bit.

I set up a version of Exercise 2 with SI Units at the cones and provided live results via Autodownload.  Read more

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