Tuesday Running Club – 5/7/2011

We only had a small number this evening, so we decided to do something a little different.

Warm up was a 10″ run, followed by some “find the frisbee” where they looked one way and I chucked a frisbee various distances the other!  It was quite funny seeing them run off without knowing where they were going. 

Then some high knee and bum squeeze drills, again using the frisbee to mark the 10m distance I wanted to use.

The main session was basically a game of Ultimate Frisbee.  We had two teams, tall vs small.  The three tall took an early lead as the 4 small got used to running into space.  After a short break the 4 small got their act together and opened up a 12-6 lead as the tall tired.  I then joined in with the tall and helped them claw back to level.  There was a deciding point but that wasn’t really the point.  The game was very tiring, with lots of sprinting back and forwards and change of direction.  In all they spent about 45″ playing and were all pleased to finish (as was I).

It could be improved by playing somewhere without cow deposits, which nearly ruined my frisbee.  Luckily no-one fell in.

Warm down was a gentle jog back to the Parish Rooms.

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  1. Interesting trianing idea to use the frisbee as it makes it a bit more fun than simply doing sprints and drills

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