UVHS Training 11/1/2012

First day of our new regime of 4 exercises and 3 groups where each group does 2 exercises per week.  So gets through all 4 in two weeks.

I’m using the Luc Cloostermans Go4O exercises for my bit.

I set up a version of Exercise 2 with SI Units at the cones and provided live results via Autodownload.  This allowed for a significant amount of friendly competition.  Click here to get a copy of the Autodownload event.  Here to get the OCAD file of the master map with correct numbers for SI Units from 201 up.  You will have to change the file extension to .ocd for this file to be recognised.

To make things a little safer, only 6 kids were allowed into the cones at any time.  Derek Allison helped out with the first group, basically coordinating the runners, while I ran the downloads.  For the second group, I had a helper to handle the downloads and I was able to coach.  Key area was correct orientation and thumbing the maps.

Works well as a short indoor exercise.  Two helpers are useful, one to coordinate Starting and one to handle downloads.

Session will be repeated next week.

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