UVHS Training 14/9/2011

First day back and coaching the Yr 10/11/12/13s.

We wanted to have a chat with everyone about how we were going to run the sessions this half term.  After the prize giving they were understandably restless.  We did the chat, but they probably didn’t take in much of it.

We then tried an inside session of describing control sites to a partner, who then has to identify the site and note its code before doing the same for his partner.  The person that has described the control has to draw the IOF description.

This only just worked.  There were a couple of almost complete beginners that needed a lot of attention.  The others worked at the session half heartedly, and didn’t really want to apply themselves to learning the control descriptions, if they didn’t already know them.

If this was to be repeated, it should only be with experienced runners and after they were tired out by some serious physical exercise.

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