UVHS Training 25/1/2012 and 1/2/2012

We used the Go4O Level 3 exercises for this block of sessions.

The diamond shape made it a little more challenging.  Although I had created an Autodownload event we didn’t use this, as I had forgotten a number of important cables.  Instead we had the kids trying to remember as many of the control codes as possible.  A remarkable number managed to remember all 7 codes.

When that got dull, we switched to adding up the codes.  This gave us a small problem in that we had to add them up as well.  Most got their sums right.

The key coaching points were to orientate the map at all times and to thumb the map.  The reason for orientating the map was given by Derek Allison as follows:  “If the map is correctly orientated, then the things on the left on the map are on the left on the ground and the things on the right on the map are on the left on the ground.”

A good session, easy to set up and run.

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