UVHS Training 28/9/2011

UVHS training took place at the Bouth Big Field – a lovely rough (brackenish) open area with detailed contour information.

This was to be another racing session, for those that were interested.  There were 4 loops, 2 each on 2 maps.  The runners were set off in groups of 4 with each person starting a different loop.  They were expected to race around all four loops to see who was fastest.  This didn’t have the same effect as the trains the previous week.  There was some confusion in putting controls out, which delayed several people.  The racing was not head to head, so not as effective. 

The others that attended to just “do some orienteering” used the same loops, but were not expected to race.  This seemed popular with them.

Controls were collected as warm down.

This wasn’t the best racing format.  It might be better if the area was easier and the loops overlapped more.

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