West Cumberland Coaching #2

The second of my WCOC days was at Great Tower camp.  12 people of differing ages and experience.

The aim was to work on relocation, using a set of loops and a star exercise that I had used previously.

Warm-up was the walk to the start then putting controls out in pairs, most experienced with least and so on.

The main exercise was Follow John in pairs, with one runner trying to lose the other en-route to a control.  This was reasonably successful, but the speed of some of the pairs meant that some didn’t get enough practice at relocation.  The second part was a star with most of the map between the start and the controls blanked out.  The runners took a compass bearing to the control and tried to relocate as they came out of the white-out.  This was OK, but could have done with a different set of controls.

The follow john exercise is good, but, with fairly slow runners, can mean they don’t get to practice relocation much.

Warm down was control collecting, which many opted to do with the white-out map on different controls to the ones they put out.

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