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The Plank

This post came through from the Sports Injury Bulletin.  It discusses the plank exercise and the pros and cons of it. 

I tend to use the plank in sessions I design as it is a relatively easy exercise to explain and a powerful core stability tool.  Read more

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JK 2011 Review session

I met with one of my individually coached athletes to discuss his performance at the JK.  We had spent a couple of hours geeking the Slieve Croob map, and had also managed to find a small snippet of map from Tyrella, the week before and it was clear to him what the benefits of doing this was. Read more

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National Coaching Day 16th April 2011

I organised the LOC group at the National Coaching Day at Blake Holme today.  Carol McNeill had planned a set of exercises that we were able to make use of to individualise training for the people who attended.  I added a rather simpler loop for a couple of Orange/Lt Green juniors. Read more

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LOC Saturday Morning Coaching 9th April 2011

This morning’s session was about getting the feeling of nailing a course.

We rarely get the chance to repeat a course, to see how we might improve.  Even in training people very rarely return to a leg that they got wrong to try to get it right.  Read more

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How to find a OS Grid Reference

The website allows you to point at a point on an OS map and it returns the grid reference.

The tool is on the top left hand side of the toolbar, it looks like a grid with a question mark in it. Read more

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