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NavNight 25/4/2012

This week we had two Yellow courses in Summerhouse Knot, in conjunction with the LOC Technical event.  The distances were slightly shorter than the previous week, but starting on a path, which helped a lot.

Everyone got round successfully, except for one girl, who was trying to cut corners, and not always succeeding.  Read more

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Broughton Runners 24/4/2012

We had John Atkinson, former 5 times BOFRA Champion and superb descender, come to give a masterclass tonight.

He started by demonstrating a fast flowing descent and had a look at the kids doing the same, before talking about the benefits of attacking the last 10-15m of a climb prior to powering off on the descent and getting away from an opponent.  Read more

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Energy systems and running

This post is a follow on from my post prompted by an England Athletics Endurance day.

I am interested in this area, but am not a sport scientist.  I favour sports scientists who will say, I think this is right, but there is still work to do to prove it.  Read more

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NavNight 18/4/2012

I put on two Yellow courses in the same area as the LOC Technical Event, Stockbird Head.  They were 1.1Km and 2.0Km, the longer simply an extension of the shorter.

Each runner was given a map and told to go away and think themselves around the course, planning exactly what route they would take.  Read more

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Using OCAD 9 for course planning

I was trying to add a taped route from the last control to the finish on a course I was setting.

A quick search lead me to this document, “Course setting using OCAD 9” by Neil Crickmore. This is an excellent introduction, and had the bit I needed! Read more

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JK 2012 Live GPS Tracking Day 3

I found watching the replay of the live GPS tracking very interesting.  The accuracy isn’t great, but it gives a flavour of what the Elite Men and Women get up to when they are running.

It is rather reassuring to see that even the best make mistakes – just not very many. Read more

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JK 2012 Relay (Newtyle Hill) – Review

I like running first legs in relays, but today wasn’t my day.  I had almost nothing in my legs for the first climb and arrived at the first control almost last and only just avoided being lapped by the first Trophy team. Read more

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JK 2012 – Day 3 (Craig a Barns) Review

Another new area to me, and one with a reputation.  My routegadget trace is here (Course 13 Richard Lecky-Thompson + GPS).

I expected to feel very tired after the first two days, but started to feel quite good on the run to the start.  Read more

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JK2012 – Day 2 (Dunalastair) Review

I caught sight of the area as we were driving around the North side.  The first thing that struck me was that the rough open slope to the north wasn’t nearly as steep as I expected.  I had geeked using the 1:15000 map and completely misinterpreted the slope.  Read more

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JK 2012 – Sprint Review

The JK Sprint was held in Livingstone.  The area combined a complex housing estate and some quite complex parkland, separated by a river.

As a course (M45) I thought it was excellent, setting some really good challenges. My routegadget trace can be found here (Course 4, Richard Lecky-Thompson).  Read more

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