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Minibus Driving without a D1

This is a slightly unusual post for my blog, but it impacts on both sports I take part it, especially for the student population and those that want to share minibus transport.

I was under the impression that you couldn’t drive a minibus without the D1 minibus licence.  Read more

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Test information Read more

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Outdoor First Aid Course

I completed my Outdoor First Aid course yesterday.  This is a requirement of being able to coach orienteering in the more interesting areas.  It is the second time I have completed this course, the first being almost exactly three years earlier. Read more

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NavNight 2/5/2012

I had to cancel today’s NavNight as the area, Graythwaite, was not suitable for the type of course I wanted to put on.  On paper it looked perfectly feasible, but in practice their were fallen trees, thick undergrowth and indistinct and extra paths that would have made navigation at a Yellow level very difficult.  Read more

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Broughton Runners 1/5/2012

We started a new “sprint” group last night.  The plan is to run this for about 6 weeks, just to give some of the runners a taste of something a little different.  Out of the 28 kids that turned up, 8 decided to give it a go with me and sprinting. Read more

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