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British Orienteering Coaching Conference

I spent the weekend at Lilleshall at the BO Coaching Conference.  This year’s theme was mainly the more Elite end, but there were a wide range of sessions.

Mike Hamilton kicked off the first day with an overview of the Whole Sport Plan.  Read more

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Scottish Orienteering Coach CPD Day

I’ve been asked to present at a Scottish Orienteering Coach CPD Day on Sat 23rd February 2013.

The session will be on coaching terrain running skills, specifically up and downhill.

Full details for the programme can be found at here.

Details are at Read more

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Indoor orienteering

Indoor orienteering can sometimes seem a bit of an odd occupation.  I think it gives the opportunity to practise skills in decent conditions under extreme time pressure.

Clearly I am not the only one to think this.  Here is Tove Alexandersson, WOC 2012 Silver medallist completing an indoor course in a big sports hall. Read more

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New Interval Training and Cool Down

One of the most interesting sections of the New Interval Training website is that discussing Cool Down.

There is a suggestion that cool down should include something called “extensive repetitions”.  An example of this would be 4-6 x 200m at 10k pace with 1′ recovery (I assume this is jog or walk).  Read more

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IAAF Standardised Session Shorthand

There is an IAAF shorthand for writing down session plans and it can be found here.

It pretty much assumes that the training is done on a track as it works on distances and times.  A little more work would be needed to include inclines (hills). Read more

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LOC Primary Development coaching

British Orienteering awarded us a significant grant from the Development Fund to spend time going into local Primary Schools in order to raise awareness of the LOC NavNight sessions.  Working with Selwyn Wright, we are well into the first block of schools, having completed one school yesterday. Read more

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A simple orienteering analysis method

There was an article by Toni Louhisola in a recent issue of British Orienteering Focus magazine where he suggested using a simple form of race analysis.  His idea was to analyse each leg based on two factors

  • Plan – how good was it
  • Execution – how well did you execute the plan

Each leg is given a rating from 1-5 on each of these (5 is Very Good). Read more

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UKAthletics Presentation

I did my presentation for the uCoach Share launch a few weeks ago and the presentation has been uploaded to the uCoach Share website.  I’m quite pleased with it overall and enjoyed the day, listening to around 30 other 6 minute presentations. Read more

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Strength and Conditioning for Juniors

I am collecting information about introducing juniors to Strength and Conditioning, specifically resistance work.

This link shows the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association’s view as of 2007.

I will add further links as I find them. Read more

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Long Term Athlete Development – the Canadian Model

It appears that Canadian Sport has taken a long hard look at Long term Athlete Development and bought into the concept completely.  Lynne Walker sent me a number of links to do with this area.

The first is the link to the overall website, hereRead more

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