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South Lakeland Inter-schools #2 Team Results

The individual results are on the LOC website.

The team results can be found here. Read more

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Midlands Orienteering Championships 2013

I’ve just spent some time looking at the map, old courses and Google maps for the upcoming Midlands Orienteering Championships with one of my athletes.  These are being held on Sunday 3rd February 2013 at Sherwood Forest.

Event details can be found here. Read more

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The “New Interval Training” model

I was sent a link to this website

This is an interesting site with an introduction to a slightly different way of running interval sessions.  The gist of the difference is that the hard efforts should be at a slightly slower pace than in a traditional interval session, but that the recovery phase should include an “active roll-on recovery” section.  Read more

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Outdoor First Aid Course

I completed my Outdoor First Aid course yesterday.  This is a requirement of being able to coach orienteering in the more interesting areas.  It is the second time I have completed this course, the first being almost exactly three years earlier. Read more

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