Running drills

Powerpoint slides here.


Arm swing (don’t over stress the need to keep the arm at 90 degrees as lower arm movement is normal)

Common mistakes: shoulders tense up; poor posture, rounded shoulders and upper back (may need to be addressed by stretching and strengthening programme); movement around elbow joint too large, particular problem if rear arm movement too large; movement does not come towards midline.

Walking High Knees

Common mistakes: knee too high; don’t worry about height of knee; stepping too far in front of body; pointed toes rather than dorsiflex; on toes weight should be through big toe not little toe

Skipping high knees

Common mistakes: forward and backward movement of chest/trunk; knee too high

Running high knees

Example doesn’t emphasise speed of knee recovery, as I would.

Common mistakes: lift knee too high; landing on toes rather than dorsiflexed foot (may need strengthening and stretching);

Scissor bounds (straight leg, dorsiflexed foot)

Common mistakes: leg goes too far forward, use small amplitude to start with; land on ball of foot rather than toes (suggest to land on heels as queue even though this is wrong);

Flexed leg scissor bounds (uses a slight knee bend) otherwise like Scissor bounds), this is more advanced than scissor bounds

Dribble drills (look a bit like exercise above)  low ankle lift (step over ankle then calf tehn knee), dorsiflexed foot

Common mistakes: knee doesn’t go high enough when



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